Oracle Xstore V17 Mobile POS Features:

Oracle Xstore V17 MPOS has new features in almost every function of the retail business that no retailer would want to miss. Much more than a traditional point-of-sale solution, Oracle Retail Xstore Mobile Point of Service V17 enables retailers to provide the excellent customer experience they’re looking for. The following qualities of the new Xstore MPOS make it better than traditional POS machines.

  • Robust
  • Faster
  • Flexible

The new Xstore MPOS V17 provides exhilarating customer shopping experience and also boosts the sales.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Skipping Long Queues
  • Shop & pay from anywhere within the store
  • Empowered Store Employees

  • Anytime Customer Assistance
  • Enable Sale/Discounts