PRIOS is a fully integrated Phygital retail experience solution to help retailers create a seamless and unified brand experience across the physical & digital space. It has the capacity to provide a highly targeted and personalized shopping experience that is unified across various channels and interactions.

PRIOS will create a new customer engagement paradigm, breathing new life into retail in four core areas:

  •   In-store mobile experience by blending online and physical worlds for Cross-Channel Efficiencies and enhanced Customer Experience
  •   Personalization- Right recommendations and promotions at the Right Time at the Right Place
  •   Empowered Store Associates with real-time Insights to drive Sales & superior customer engagement
  •   Enhanced Self-service- Mobile payments, self-checkout and guided In-store Navigation

PRIOS can be leveraged by retailers of various sizes, from mid-sized to large scale enterprises looking to amplify the customer experience. It is a cost-effective, scalable solution that can be up and running in a short span of time, making quick deployment a key benefit.

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Sunil Bajaj

Director and Unit Head - Retail and CPG Practice

Aspire Systems

Sunil heads Retail business unit for Aspire Systems. He has spent 15+ years in IT services industry focusing on Retail and CPG industry. His experience includes creating solutions for transformation programs for Fortune-500 global retailers. His areas of expertize includes Oracle Retail suite, Managed Services solutions, Optimizing IT operations and digital transformations in today's market.

Kamal Chandramohan

Practice Head - Mobility

Aspire Systems

Kamal contributes his knowledge and experience in the world of Mobility and Digital Transformation to our existing and prospective customers in building a digitally transformed mobile experience for their end users. Kamal advises our customers on building a Mobile strategy which would lead the way for better user experience, customer engagement and increase in productivity resulting in Customer and Employee satisfaction.

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